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About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet

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EmplawyerNet is the preeminent job opportunity and career development site for the legal community. It provides invaluable recruitment tools to lawyers, law students, paralegals, employers and law schools.

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For Lawyers, Law Students and Paralegals

Individual EmplawyerNet members have unlimited access to the most extensive job database in the country. We collect jobs from many different sources, including employers themselves who post jobs on the site. New jobs are constantly being entered into the database and old listings removed to assure you'll have the most up-to-date job information.

When job listings are entered into the EmplawyerNet database, we code them to be easily searchable by, among other things: area of practice, years of experience, and geographic location. Best of all, EmplawyerNet custom delivers job information matching your search criteria so you don't have to search our database every day. In other words, you tell us the type of job you're looking for and when one comes in matching your criteria, it's sent to you via email. It's efficient and 100% confidential. Click here to join EmplawyerNet now.

As an EmplawyerNet member, you can place your credentials in our candidate database, searchable by employers and recruiters from across the country. You can also put your resume in our system and make it available via fax. Register anonymously if you choose and we'll let you know when an employer expresses interest. That's right: you get their name before they get yours.

As good as our databases are, EmplawyerNet is much more. We call it a community. You may not be looking for a new job, but you are interested in your career and where it's going. Our community is devoted to the issues and information that affect your job and enhance your getting ahead. We bring newsletters, articles and many other useful resources to EmplawyerNet so you stay on top of the trends that affect you and your career.

We've also built networking tools into EmplawyerNet. You can communicate with other members and start your own specialty e-mail lists. Your networking may turn up valuable job leads or result in a business referral. The Rodent, that sharp and satiric observer of the legal scene, adds humor and practical advice.

We could go on (and we do elsewhere) but if you're a give-it-to-me-in-a-nutshell kind of person, then join us. EmplawyerNet is simply the most valuable job and career development resource available anywhere, in any form, for the legal community. Furthermore, it's ridiculously cheap (so our accountant tells us) and is fully refundable if you don't agree that EmplawyerNet is an innovative and valuable career resource. We can't guarantee you'll get a job through EmplawyerNet (so our lawyer tells us) but we can guarantee you the most and the best information possible in a community of interest devoted exclusively to legal employment information and issues. Period.

Click here to join EmplawyerNet now.

For Employers

The cutting edge EmplawyerNet for Employers enables employers to do much more. It enables law firms and job candidates to communicate electronically and thus streamline the entire recruiting process. Law firms are provided their own customized recruiting information site on the Internet. There, candidates can review, among other things, the firm's resume and its Martindale-Hubbell listing. Lawyers, law students and paralegals can also learn about the firm's hiring needs and inquire electronically if it would be interested in hiring someone with his or her credentials.

Instead of reviewing each and every resume that crosses your desk, employers can simply complete a short description of the positions they are seeking to fill. Candidate inquiries meeting the hiring criteria are passed through for further review. Those who do not have the designated qualifications receive an automatic electronic response. Thus, only qualified candidates make it to the next level. The huge task of reviewing resumes of unqualified candidates and writing rejection letters is eliminated.

Click here to learn more about EmplawyerNet for Employers

Once inside our database, job listings will be distributed to EmplawyerNet members who are looking for the type of position you are seeking to fill.

For Law Schools

EmplawyerNet offers block pricing to law schools wishing to provide their students with EmplawyerNet services. In addition, our EmplawyerNet for Law Schools service provides your career service office with a private web page that includes an email server to distribute job or school announcements, newsletters or any other information you like.

Another feature we offer to law school is Counselor Notes. Law school career services offices use this program to keep all notes on students' career preferences in a convenient, private, searchable database. This makes finding important information much faster and easier.

Click here to learn more about EmplawyerNet for Law Schools

Enough of our talk. Click here to find out what some of our members say!

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