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The Lawyer's Career Change Handbook: More Than 300 Things You Can Do With a Law Degree
Hindi Greenberg / Paperback / Published 1998

Beyond L.A. Law
Janet Smith(Compiler) / Paperback / Published 1998

What Can You Do With a Law Degree?: A Lawyers' Guide to Career Alternatives Inside, Outside and Around the Law
Deborah Arron / Paperback / Published 1999

Nonlegal Careers for Lawyers
Gary A. Munneke, William D. Henslee / Paperback / Published 2003

The Official Guide to Legal Specialties http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0159003911/ref=pd_trkn_qp_b_t/102-5694200-6524926?v=glance

Alternative Careers for Lawyers
Hillary Mantis / Paperback / Published 1997

So You Want to Be a Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Law As a Career
The Law School Admission Council / Paperback / Published 1998

Judgment Reversed: Alternative Careers for Lawyers
Jeffrey Strausser / Paperback / Published 1997

America's Greatest Places to Work With a Law Degree: And How to Make the Most of Any Job, No Matter Where It Is
Kimm Alayne Walton / Paperback / Published 1998

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