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The First and Still the Largest

EmplawyerNet is home to the legal profession's largest job database. Founded in 1991 by recruiters with nearly fifty combined years of experience, EmplawyerNet has been providing on-line job information to lawyers, law students and paralegals, first via a BBS system and, since 1996, over the World Wide Web. But while legal recruiters traditionally cater only to large law firms and the most highly credentialed attorneys, we took a broader approach in building EmplawyerNet's job database.

Job Information for Everyone

Legal practice takes many forms, ranging from traditional large firm practice, to small firms, to in-house, to government, to public interest and even to employment which utilizes legal skills, but which may not be practice per se. We envisioned a system that would address all these forms of employment in an effort to give real tools to individuals seeking to find the right employment setting. Hence, we first focused on building a database that would put true utility in the hands of as many job seekers as possible.

A Database of Direct Employers

Our database is built from a very broad range of sources. And not only is it the industry's largest, but look closely at most other legal job databases and you'll find a high proportion of listings are from legal recruiting firms. That's fine if those recruiters will take your call but otherwise it's useless to you. Ninety-five percent of the EmplawyerNet job database is comprised of direct legal employers. That's information you can use. Over a quarter-million legal jobs have passed through the EmplawyerNet database and we are constantly looking for better ways to gather timely and relevant information for our subscribers.

The Database Secret, Part I

How do we do it? It's simple: hard work. Our staff looks for legal job information all day, every day. It's what you might do if you had all day, or all day and all month, for months on end. We find the jobs and hand-code them into a database so they can be delivered to our subscribers via email on a customized basis. We update the database daily but you don't have to search it every day because we make sure the relevant information-in your area, calling for your area of expertise-finds its way to your email box. In a nutshell, we do the hard research work you would do if you had the time.

The Database Secret, Part II

If you're a member, do a database search for "Other" jobs in "Non-Law" practice. You'll likely find a number of law-related jobs that may be of interest to you. While we know the majority of our members want employment as practicing lawyers, many others have told us they will consider, or even actively seek out, positions that use their legal skills but that are not strictly legal practice. We gather those too, to bring as much utility as we can to the legal profession's most comprehensive and useful job database.

A Unique Resource

There isn't any other resource like EmplawyerNet for lawyers and law students looking for jobs. We have a lot more than job information but we know, first and foremost, that when you're looking for a job-or looking for a better one-your first priority is to know what jobs are available today. We have that information and a lot more. Join us today. Click here to advance your career.


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