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EmplawyerNet for Employers is an advanced recruitment management system. Designed specifically for law firms, legal recruiters and other employers who hire lawyers, law students and paralegals, EmplawyerNet for Employers helps you take control of your recruiting process by making it simpler and more efficient. Delivered over the Internet, the system promotes your firm to the thousands of lawyers who visit EmplawyerNet each day. Post, edit and delete job notices at will. Post and edit a profile in our Employment Connections Directory and gather inquiries and resumes from interested candidates so when a new hiring need arises, you have an immediate database of interested candidates to turn to. And it's priced to be eminently affordable. Join us today and start recruiting 24/7/365.


Unlimited job postings reaching thousands daily. EmplawyerNet was the first on-line legal job resource and is still the best. Operating continuously since 1992 and on the Web since 1996, thousands of lawyers and law students visit daily looking for job opportunities. As a member, you can post as many job listings as you wish.

Add, edit and delete job listings from your computer. You have complete control over your job listings and can make additions, deletions and edits instantaneously from your computer. You have the power to publish your own ads with no waiting for someone else to make the changes.

Listing in our Employment Connections Directory. Get your firm listed in our Employment Connections Directory. This interactive directory is available to all visitors to the EmplawyerNet site and is a unique recruiting resource. No other directory listing does what ours can do for you.

Post and edit your directory Profile from your computer. You can add a profile to your directory listing so job seekers can find out about you, your firm's philosophy, hiring requirements and opportunities. Your profile is totally under your control as you can set it up and edit it from your computer. No waiting for a webmaster.

Gather candidate inquiries and resumes in a proprietary database. When you are listed in the Employment Connections Directory, job seekers can make a Hiring Inquiry. This is a structured query that captures their law school, years of experience and area of expertise, etc. They can also attach a resume and all the information is stored in a proprietary database for your use alone. When you have a new job opening, look here first.

Key word search of all candidate resumes. In addition to searching your candidate database, you can also do a key word search of all the resumes submitted by candidates. Looking for someone with 34 Act experience or a background in eminent domain proceedings? See who uses those terms.

Advanced filtering of inquiries for on-target candidates. We also offer advanced features like filters that allow you to quickly focus on just the types of candidates you want. Interested in graduates from a certain school or set of schools and a certain class rank? No problem. Our filters allow you to find just the candidates meeting your requirements.

Support for communication with anonymous candidates. We allow job seekers to make anonymous inquiries to help attract the most desirable candidates. We support the exchange of email between your firm and these candidates until enough interest is generated to provide their identity.

These are just some of the features of EmplawyerNet for Employers. It's a powerful and simple system for managing your recruiting process and keeping all that important data organized. EmplawyerNet for Employers is a unique legal recruiting tool.

EmplawyerNet is offering six month and one year memberships in EmplawyerNet for Employers. Our pricing is very affordable to make this tool available to employers and recruiters of every size and description. For pricing information and to sign up, click here. After your membership is approved we will send a User's Manual explaining the complete use of the system. Join us on-line and let us help you recruit better!

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