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Managing Users and Groups

User and group management involves planning and implementing:

You define groups and user records using the User Manager and the Group Manager. With the User Manager, you create and edit user records and edit the group association for the user account.

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With the Group Manager, you define and remove groups, review group membership, and define membership for any group. Group permissions are defined and enabled in the Conference Manager since these settings are specific to the conference in which the group has been added.

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Defining conference managers and moderators

As a Forums Administrator, you may want to distribute the responsibility of managing a conference. This may be particularly true if you are administering many different conferences and forums, as well as a large number of users. One way to help offload some of this responsibility is to define conference managers and conference moderators.

Conference Managers have virtually all the responsibility of a Forums Administrator but limited to a specific conference. For example, the Conference Manager can add and remove forums, users, and groups. Only the Forums administrator can manage multiple conferences.

Conference Moderators are appointed in conferences where either message approval or user registration approval is required. Moderators are responsible for approving messages posted to a forum and for approving users who have registered for a conference.

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