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Creating a Forum

You create a forum from the Forum Manager, accessible from the Allaire Forums Administrator page. When you select Create New in the Forum Manager, a wizard guides you through the individual settings pages to create the forum.

To create a forum:

  1. Open the Forum Manager and click the Create New button. In the page that appears, you define a number of basic forum details.
  2. Enter a name and description for the new forum.
  3. Select a conference from those listed in the Available Conference list box and click the right arrow to add the forum to the conference. Your forum can be added to multiple conferences.
  4. Click Finish. Your new forum appears in the Forums list box of the Forum Manager main page.

Once you've created a forum, you can define which user groups can access the new forum.

To delete a forum:

  1. Open the Forum Manager and click the forum name you want to delete from the list of Forums.
  2. Click Remove. The forum and all the messages and threads in it are deleted.

Warning: Removing a forum permanently deletes all threads and messages in the selected forum.

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