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Giving a Group Read-Only Access to a Forum

You can limit a group's access to a specific forum, and you can prevent any group member from posting messages in the forum.

To limit group access to a particular forum:

First, you need to edit the conference group permissions.

  1. Open the Conference Manager and select the conference you want to manage.
  2. Click the Groups button
  3. On the Groups page, select the group you want and click the Rights button.
  4. Click to disable the Access all forums, Create new threads, and Posting replies checkboxes and click Finish.
  5. Exit the Conference Manager by clicking OK.

Second, you need to edit permissions for the particular forum you want.

  1. Open the Forum Manager and select the forum you want your group to be able to access and click Groups.
  2. Click the group name you want in the Available Groups list box and click the right arrow. The selected group is added to the Assigned Groups list box.
  3. Select the group name in the Assigned Groups list box and click the Rights button.
  4. Click the Access enabled radio button and click Finish.

The Access enabled option provides read-only access to the current forum. To define additional permissions, you need to add the group to a conference and define permissions using the Conference Manager.

Adding permissions to a group with read-only permissions

You can add permissions to a group that currently has read-only access to a conference forum using the Conference Manager. See Viewing or Changing Group Permissions for information about group permissions.

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