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Creating a User Group

To create a group and add members to it, you use the Group Manager, accessible from the Forums Administrator page.

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To create a new group:

  1. Click the Group Manager button in the Forums Administrator.
  2. Enter the name of the group you want to create in the text box next to the Create New button, then click Create New.
  3. Click Manage to Add users to your group.

If you are just getting started with Forums, you may need to use the User Manager to create user accounts before adding any users to your group. See Creating a new user account.

To add users to a group:

  1. Click the Group Manager button in the Forums Administrator.
  2. Select a group name in the Groups list box and click the Manage button.
  3. Create a list of users by entering a letter representing the first letter of the users you want to pick from. For example, enter the letter S to list all user names beginning with S. To list all users, clear the Name box. See "Using the name filter" for more information about filtering the list of names.
  4. Click the Filter button.
  5. Select one user name at a time in the Non-Members list box and click the right arrow to add the user to the current group.

Using the name filter

The filter is useful when you have a large set of user accounts and you want to limit the number of user names that appear. For example, if your conference has five thousand users, you may want to avoid downloading the entire list. The default settings for the filter fields are "A" for "Name" and "No Limit" for "Registered From Last."

Name filter

Enter a value in the Name text box as follows:

Registered from Last filter

Use the Registered From Last drop down list box field to limit the search to members who have registered within a certain period of time. Click the down arrow to select the period you want to use.

Be sure to click on the Filter button once you have specified parameters for both filter fields, to see the group of users specified by your filter settings.

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