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Overview: Administration Tasks

As a Forums administrator, you are responsible for setting up and maintaining:

This table summarizes a typical administrator's responsibilities:

The Forums Administrator Role

Administrative area


Conferences and forums

Plan, design, and create conferences. Populate conferences with forums.

Design and customize the conference user interface.

Archive conferences.

Conference security

Plan and implement a security approach involving user authentication and permissions.

Determine group access and permissions.

Approve user registration (if required).

Users and groups

Predefine users and groups, including conference managers and moderators.

Determine a strategy for handling new users.

Allaire Forums is administered with the Allaire Forums Administrator. Anyone with access to the Allaire Forums Administrator has the ability to manage the entire system. In addition, Forums allows you to define more than one Forums Administrator.

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To access the Forums administrator, open the following URL:


The first time you enter Forums, you are prompted for a username and password. Once you've started Forums, you need to identify yourself as the conference administrator and change the default administrator username and password.

See Initial defaults for username and password for more information about administrator login defaults.

And, refer to Identifying yourself as a system administrator for details about changing the Administrator username and password.

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