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Building your Own Graphics Library

Each of the three Forums graphics libraries include the same folder and file names. Graphics are organized within each folder by category. The following table explains the purpose of each graphics library folder.

Default Graphics Library

Folder name



Contains only one file, default.gif.


Large buttons used primarily for non-frames display.


Small buttons used in message windows and in frames display


Miscellaneous conference icons.

To create your own graphics library you simply create an additional folder containing the same folders and filenames and then specify that library in the Conference Manager Layout page.

To build your own graphics library:

  1. Create a folder in the Forums images folder: web_server_root/Forums/Images.
  2. In the new folder, create the following additional folders:
  3. Place graphics files in the new folders. These files must have the same names as those in the other graphics libraries. You can copy graphics from an existing graphics library or add your own.

See Graphics Library Filenames for information about naming your graphics files.

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