Allaire Forums
 Administrator's Guide
Getting Started with Allaire Forums  Getting Started
 with Allaire Forums

  Planning your Conference Configuration
  Overview: Administration Tasks
  Managing Conferences and Forums
  Managing Security for Conferences
  Managing Users and Groups
  Accessing the Forums Administrator
Managing Conferences
  The Conference Manager
  Creating a Conference
  Linking a Conference to your Web Site
  Specifying Conference Layout Options
  Building your Own Graphics Library
  Graphics Library Filenames
  Conference Layout Options
  Specifying Conference Security Options
  Managing Group Permissions
  Specifying Conference Options
  Managing Groups in a Conference
Archiving Conference Threads
  The Archive Manager
Managing Forums
  The Forum Manager
  Creating a Forum
  Adding Groups to a Forum
  Assigning Permissions to a Group
  Giving a Group Read-Only Access to a Forum
  Giving a Group Moderator Permissions for a Forum
  Selecting Conferences to Host a Forum
Managing Users
  Creating a New User Account
  Reviewing User Records
Managing Groups
  Creating a User Group
  Viewing a List of Group Members
  Deleting a User Group
  Giving a Group Access to a Conference
  Defining Group Access to a Forum
  Viewing or Changing Group Permissions
  Group Permissions Options