Forums 2.0.6
Release Notes
April 13, 2000


  • Forums 2.0 Installation
  • Web server compatibility
  • Upsizing to Microsoft SQL Server
  • New features in Forums 2.0
  • Starting Forums the first time
  • Changes from Forums 1.x
  • Fixed Bugs from version 2.0.5
  • Contacting Allaire

    Forums 2.0 Installation

    The setup program does not install Forums 2.0 on top of your existing Forums 1.1 directories, so you can continue to run Forums 1.1 while using Forums 2.0.

    1. Run the Forums 2.0 setup (setup.exe)

    Run the setup.exe setup program to install Forums 2.0.

    2. Upgrade data sources from Forums 1.x to Forums 2.0

    Forums 2.0 uses a different database structure than Forums 1.x. If you are currently running version 1.x, you will probably want to migrate all data into Forums 2.0 databases.

    To upgrade your Forums 1.x data, open and run the Upgrade Wizard, which will help you upgrade your users, groups, conferences, forums, threads, and messages for Forums 2.0.

    Since Forums 2.0 and Forums 1.x use different URLs for accessing conferences, you can run both versions of Forums at the same time. However, the two systems are completely independent of one another. Users, messages, conferences and so on, created in one system do not automatically appear in the other.

    When you decide to move from Forums 1.x to Forums 2.0 permanently, run the Upgrade Wizard again. You will also have to replace all links to the old conference URLs with new ones. Since your users may have bookmarked the old URLs, you can provide a means for the bookmarks to the old URL to continue to work by creating an Application.cfm file in the cf_root/cfapps/template/ directory. The application.cfm file should contain two settings:

    <CFPARAM name="cid" default="1">
    <CFLOCATION url="http://your_server_name/forums/index.cfm?cfapp=#cid#">
    This setting will redirect all links using the old URLs for Forums 1.x to new ones for Forums 2.0.

    Web Server Compatibility

    Forums 2.0 uses a new method of accessing templates, made possible by the use of the native server APIs available in the current versions of the major Windows NT web servers, including: If you are not running one of these servers then you will not be able to run Forums 2.0.

    Upsizing to Microsoft SQL Server

    If you have Microsoft SQL Server 6.0 or higher, you can upsize your Forums data sources to SQL Server. This option will increase Forums performance for conferences with a large number of users and heavy traffic. To upsize, you must be familiar with SQL Server management functions.

    If you are running Forums 1.x you can upsize your data sources to Microsoft SQL Server using the Forums 2.0 Upgrading Wizard as described in Installation.

    If you are running Forums 2.0 using the default data sources, you can also upsize your data sources from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server using the Upgrading/Upsizing Wizard and selecting Upsize from Forums 2.0 Access DB to Forums 2.0 SQL Server DB from the Wizard Type list box. The Upgrading/Upsizing Wizard will explain the upsizing process and lead you through the upsizing process.

    New Features in Allaire Forums 2.0

    Many new features have been added to Forums 2.0 improving many areas of the product, including security, customization, and the graphical interface. These new features fall into the following categories:
    Feature Category  Feature Description 
    User Authentication
    • Realm-based authentication framework 
    • Broader privileges 
    • Conference-level privileges including administration 
    Messages and threads
    • File and document attachments 
    • Improved navigation among messages 
    • Customizability of thread content display 
    • Single message viewer (print) 
    • Unlimited number of reply levels 
    • Thread marking 
    • E-mail notification upon request 
    • Enhanced moderation functions 
    Graphical interface
    • Separate libraries of images allowing full customization 
    • Optional Frames 
    • New graphics
    Additional features
    • Customization of the forums order in the main page 
    • Optimization and performance improvements 
    • New manual and tech notes

    User Authentication

    Realm based authentication framework

    A realm is a collection of users, groups, and application instances you define. This feature can allow you to create public and private conferences. You can define an authentication framework for each realm you create. Each conference (as an application instance) is assigned to a specific user realm. Application instances will be able to share realms, thereby simplifying user management and administration, and improving security.

    Broader privileges set

    Besides read-only and read-write privileges, Forums 2.0 allows you to set read-write privileges for:
  • Creating threads
  • Posting initial messages
  • Limiting a user to reply-only interaction
  • Attaching files
  • Conference level administration

    Administrators can create conference administrators, who manage conferences, forums, groups, and users.

    Messages and threads

    File and document attachments

    Forums messages can now include file attachments. This feature can be enabled or disabled at the discretion of the conference manager. Forums users can share code examples, attach image files, and share other file types with one another.

    Improved navigation among messages

    New navigation buttons allow users to scroll easily among messages in the thread page.

    Ability to show or hide messages in a thread

    Forums end-users can now customize the Forums thread contents display. This can help optimize performance on the client side since the user can filter the display of messages.

    View or print a single message

    Forums users can view and print the contents of a single message. In earlier versions of Forums only entire threads could be printed.

    Unlimited number of reply levels

    Replies to messages in a Forums thread can theoretically go to any level.

    Thread marking

    End users can mark any thread in any forum to which they have at least read access. Marked threads do not disappear after they become older than the age filter specified in the conference main page. If the thread is marked, the user will be notified about any changes made in the thread.

    E-mail notification upon request

    Users posting an initial message or replying to a message will be able to request email notification of any new messages posted to the thread.

    Administrators can control whether the message body is included in an email notification message or whether the notification message includes only a description of the Forums message and a URL to link to it.

    Graphical interface

    The Forums graphical interface has been greatly improved. These improvements serve the usability of the product for end users and administrators.

    Fully customizable graphical layout

    Conference administrators can customize the graphical layout of the conference using the Layout Administrator. The Layout Administrator has a built-in wizard that is compatible with the wizards in the previous version of Allaire Forums.

    Optional frames display

    Conference users can choose between a Frame-enabled interface and a Frame-less interface.

    Additional features

    Customize order of forums in the main page

    Administrators can customize how forums are ordered in the main Forums page.

    Optimization and performance improvements

    Changes in the database structure and the integration of features from Cold Fusion 2.0 have yielded essential improvements in the two most critical conference pages: the main conference page and thread page.

    New manual and tech notes

    The Forums documentation is being rebuilt from top to bottom and includes the following components:
  • Printed Getting Started manual
  • Complete HTML-based online documentation
  • End user HTML-based documentation for Forums users and conference administrators

  • Starting Forums the first time

    To enter the conference open the following URL in your browser:
    Where server_name is the name of the server hosting Forums.

    If you get the message: Execution Denied, you need to enable execution in your web server root directory. For Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), you set this option in the Service Properties for the WWW server:

    1. Open the Internet Service Manager.
    2. Select the WWW service and select Service Properties from the Service menu.
    3. Click the Directories tab in the WWW Service Properties dialog.
    4. Select the web server root directory (i.e., c:\inetput\wwwroot) and then click the Edit Properties button.
    5. Near the bottom of the Directory Properties dialog, click to enable the Execute checkbox.
    6. Reload the web page in your web browser.

    Change the Administrator username and password

    Once you've entered the conference, you should change the administrator's username and/or password. To become an administrator press the button Login/out and type 'Administrator' as username and 'Password' as password. The 'A' (administrator) button in the main toolbar should appear. Enter the conference administrator and in User Manager change the administrators's username and/or password.

    You can also enter the administrator by loading the administrator URL:

    Use the 'Go To' button in the Conference Administrator to return to the conference.

    Changes from Forums 1.x

    Fixed Bugs from version 2.0.5

  • Problem: When a browser on a single computer is shared among two or more users to access Forums, and a user different from the last user tries to log in, user has to enter username and password twice.
  • Fix: The 'strong security' option can be turned off by modifying the parameter bStrongSecurity=false in the forums_install_dir\CFApps\Security\Docs\_NewSession.cfm template.
  • Problem: User could 'break' Forums pages by including certain HTML tags in the input fields when posting a message.
  • Fix : Forums now filters any form/url input so that control tags SCRIPT, EMBED, APPLET, and OBJECT, cannot be passed via input fields.
  • Problem: After upgrading to ColdFusion 4.5 any attempt to access Forums fails with error - An error occurred while evaluating the expression: UniqueNumber = FormatBaseN( 100000*(now()), 36 ).
  • Fix : The error does not occur any more.
  • Problem: When upsizing Forums to Oracle for the first time, error 'Base Table Not Found', and upsizing process stops.
  • Fix : The error does not occur any more.
  • Problem: Thread.cfm allowed users to view any thread in any Conference, regardless of security settings, by changing the Thread_ID variable in the URL to the Thread_ID of the Thread they would like to view.
  • Fix : The Thread.cfm now allows to view only those threads that are contained in accessible forums associated with the current conference.
  • Problem: Conf_ThreadList.cfm allowed users to _subscribe_ to any thread in any Conference, regardless of security settings, by changing the MarkThread URL variable to the Thread_ID of the thread they would like to subscribe to.
  • Fix : The Conf_ThreadList.cfm now allows to subscribe only to those threads that are contained in accessible forums associated with the current conference.
  • Problem: Message_New.cfm allowed users to create replies to messages in any Conference, regardless of security settings, by changing the ParentMessage_ID URL variable to the Message_ID of the message they would like to reply to.
  • Fix : User can now reply only to messages in threads that are contained in accessible forums associated with the current conference.
  • Problem: Message.cfm allowed users to read any individual message from any Conference, regardless of security settings, by changing the Message_ID URL variable to the Message_ID of the message they would like to view.
  • Fix : Message.cfm now allows to read only messages in threads that are contained in accessible forums associated with the current conference.

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