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Message Posting Options

A number of options are available to you when you post a message. Among the more powerful options is embedding either HTML or CFML code directly in your message.

Font options

When you create a message, you can select an option to display the message in a monospaced or fixed-width font. If you want the entire message displayed in a particular font, you can write the entire message in HTML. Note, however, that selecting a font with the HTML <FONT> tag is no guarantee that your message will be shown in that font on every browser.

The Advanced option: HTML and CFML

When creating a new message, you can also embed HTML (or CFML) directly into your message. Many people use this feature to attach a hyperlinked graphic, such as a logo or other graphic, directly in their message.

Email notification

Two email options are available when posting a new message:

Note: You can also elect to be notified by email of any new messages posted to threads that you mark. For more information about marking threads, see "Marking a message thread".

Quoting a message

When posting a reply to an existing message, the Quote button appears at the bottom of the message composition form. You can click this button to quote the message you are replying to in your own message.

Previewing your message

When you’re finished writing your message, you can preview the message by clicking the Preview button. This can be especially useful if you have embedded HTML or CFML in your message. When you preview a message, you can return to the composition form if you want to make any changes to the message.

Attaching files to your message

When file uploading is enabled in a conference, you can attach files to any message you post. You might want to attach a graphics file, code snippet, or document file to a message.

To attach a file to your message:

  1. Open the Edit message page by creating a new message. See Posting messages for more information about posting messages.
  2. Enter your name in the Author box.
  3. Click the Advanced button.
  4. Click the Attachments button.
  5. Click Browse to locate the file you want to attach. Then click Add to add it to the message. The filename appears in the Currently attached box.

You can also use this page to remove attachemnts from messages.

Creating a signature for your messages

When you post messages, you can elect to have a signature appended to every message you post. This signature can contain text or HTML, so you could, for example, embed a graphic hyperlink to your web site as part of your signature.

To define a signature:

  1. Click the Options button.
  2. Click the Attach Signature checkbox and enter the signature text you want in the text entry box below.

Note: You can enter your email address in the Email text entry box. Your address will then appear following your name in the header area of every message you post.


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