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Conference Options

Although the conference manager or Forums administrator determines how a conference appears, as well as other options, you have quite a wide range of options you can manipulate to make your interaction with Forums conferences a happy thing.

Click the Options button

The conference manager or administrator can set up a conference in a number of different ways. To view or edit your conference options, click the Options button. When you do, the following Options page will appear:

Table explaining conference options

This table explains each option in the conference options page. Note that some options may not appear based on how the conference has been set up by the conference administrator or manager.

Conference Options
Option Description
Forums Click the forums you want to see in the main conference window.
Global Settings
Use Frames Enables frames to display the conference.
Use Text Buttons Use text buttons instead of graphical buttons in the conference.
Optimize for Low Speed Connections Helps improve conference performance.
Font size Set font size preference.
Font name Set font name preference.
Date format Pick a date format.
Listed Threads
From Select a date range to filter the display of threads in the conference.
Filtered by keyword Enter a keyword you want to use to filter the display of threads in the conference. The keyword can be any word or phrase that appears in any part of a message.
New Threads First Show all new threads at the top if the threads list.
Display Thread Dates Show thread dates next to thread titles.
Display Message Count Show the number of messages in each thread.
Thread window/frame
Display messages (no frames) Applies only to non-frames display. Shows message subjects and messages in the same page. When disabled (unchecked) messages appear alone in a separate page.
Display Only New Messages (no frames) Applies only to non-frames display. Shows only messages that have been posted since your last session. A session starts when you log in to or open a conference.
Split Thread Frame (frames) Applies only to frames display. Divides the thread frame in two with message subjects on top and messages below.
Display Single Message Only (split frames) Applies only to frames display. Used with previous option to show only one message at a time in the messages frame.
Embed Images in Messages When you attach a graphic file (GIF or JPG) to your message, the graphic appears with the message text.
E-mail Notification Email notification options
From Marked Threads Enables email notification for any threads you've marked
Default Settings
Attach Signature Enter HTML code for the signature text you want to be attached to every message you post.
Personal Personal options
Email Enter you email address. This address will appear beside your name in the header area of each message you post.


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