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Planning your Conference Configuration

Your success as an administrator depends on a number of factors, most important of which is a clear articulation of the conferencing goals you wish to achieve with Allaire Forums. Knowing what you want will help prevent excessive revisiting of conference settings and security options and help save you time.

Take a few minutes to learn what options are available to you before starting to define conferences and forums. A few preliminary considerations will save you a lot of time further on.

Planning Considerations



Conferencing structure

Will you need multiple conferences? Many security and user interface options are defined by conference. Conferences should address a major interest or category in which more detailed discussions can be defined in individual forums.

Security options

Do you need to restrict some users' access to conferences or forums? Making a list of preliminary groups with permissions based on level of access will help you group new users as they join conferences.

User interface

Different conferences can have entirely different user interface designs. You can separate conferences based on product identity, department, interest, or group identities. Graphics can be embedded to enhance a conference's appearance and personalize its role for conference users.

Conference managers and moderators

You can distribute some administration responsibilities by defining conference managers and moderators. Managers have essentially full control over a conference, including conference settings and options. Conference moderators approve messages and users in conferences with message and user registration approval enabled.

To help plan your Forums implementation, you might find it useful to draw a diagram that details the conferences you want to create, the forums within those conferences and the user groups you need to define. For the sake of resource planning, you could plan a conference that includes a conference manager or moderator, the latter, if your conference will require message or user registration approval.

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