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Accessing the Forums Administrator

As a web application, all interaction with Forums, from participating in forums and posting messages to managing a conference, takes place in your web browser. In order to launch Forums or to access the administrator, your web server must be running. Since Forums is a Cold Fusion application, Cold Fusion must be running as well.

Administrator's URL

To start the Allaire Forums Administrator, load the following URL:


Initial defaults for username and password

When you first access Forums as a system administrator, you must enter the default username and password:

Username: Administrator
Password: Password

You should change these defaults the first time you enter the Forums Administrator.

Administrator’s view of Allaire Forums

Once you've entered the default username and password, you'll be presented with the Allaire Forums Administrator:

Undisplayed Graphic

The Allaire Forums Administrator page is Forum’s top level administration page from which you select the various managers you use to administer your Forums site. However, before you begin, you need to identify yourself as the system administrator with a unique username and password.

Identifying yourself as a system administrator

  1. Click the User Manager button on the Allaire Forums Administrator page.
  2. Select All Users and click Next.
  3. Select the user Administrator and click Basic Info. Use this page to identify yourself as the Forums Administrator.
  4. Replace the defaults for Username and Full Name.
  5. Enter a username and password, and your email address.

When you are finished, click OK, then click the Back button to return to the Forums Administrator page.

Note: Forums uses persistent cookies, which enable users to interact with Forums without having to supply a username and password login each visit. Thus, as the Administrator, you will not have to log in to use or administer the system unless you switch or upgrade your browser.

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