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Managing Group Permissions

In addition to authentication, you should consider group permissions for options and features that have security implications, such as:

Since all users are assigned to a group, you manage access to many features by assigning permissions to user groups. For example, some features, such as email notification, might be appropriate only for a specific group. By dividing users into groups, you can easily manage how users interact in a Forums conference.

Posting replies to existing messages

Left disabled, this option prevents users from posting replies to existing messages. Users can create new threads and post initial messages unless the Creating threads option is also disabled.

Creating threads

In a public conference you might want to prevent users from creating new threads and confine discussions to threads you predefine. If you have defined a group with moderator or conference manager permissions, you could only these groups to create threads.

File uploading

When enabled, the file uploading feature allows users to attach files to messages posted to a forum. Attached files can be graphics or sound files, movies, document files, and so on. You can also enable an option to embed graphics files directly in forum messages.

Message approval

In situations where you want to review all messages before they appear in a forum, you can enable message approval. Users who post messages are notified that their message must be approved before appearing in the intended forum. Approvals are granted by conference managers and moderators. Email notification can be enabled to inform users when a message has been approved.

Email notification

When enabled, this powerful feature allows users to choose to be notified by email of any new messages posted to selected threads. An additional permissions feature allows users to be notified of new messages posted to any threads in which the user has participated.

Access to all forums in a conference

When you create a new forum, you decide which conferences it will appear in. Any forum can be available to more than one conference and once created, you can move a forum from one conference to another. You can elect to make all forums defined in the current conference available to a user group. Likewise, you can elect to make specific forums available to specific groups.

To make all forums in a conference available to a group, you use the Conference Manager to set group permissions. See Defining Group Access to a Forum for more information.

To make one or more specific forums available to a group, you use the Forum Manager. See Adding Groups to a Forum for more information.

Defining conference moderators and managers

Forums Administrators can choose to distribute conference management responsibility to others by creating groups with either conference management or moderator permissions. These roles are defined by creating a group with permissions enabled for conference management or moderation. Conference managers have access to all aspects of a given conference. Moderators review messages and users for approval.

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