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Specifying Conference Options

To specify general conference options, open the Conference Manager, Options page.

Undisplayed Graphic

A number of options can be enabled for a conference, such as frames and HTML editing. A description of each option appears in the following table:

Conference Options



Default age of messages

Messages older than the number specified will not appear in the message page. Note that the number you specify will be used as a default for new users who can use conference options to change the default.

Last updated threads at the top

Lists most recently updated threads at the top of the threads page.

Frames enabled

Enables frames. The user can specify an option to view forums in frames.

Image buttons enabled

Gives end user otion to choose between viewing image buttons or text buttons.

Conference search enabled

Users can search forums for messages. If disabled, only members of a group in which searching has been enabled in group permissions can execute searches.

Automatically open advanced message form

Applies to message creation. Automatically opens an additional edit window in which users can enter HTML or CFML code.

HTML code window enabled

Allows users to click the Advanced button to open the HTML edit window and add HTML code to conference messages.

File upload enabled

Allows users to attach messages to conference postings.

Every posted message must be approved by moderator

Forces all messages to be approved before appearing in the conference.

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