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Managing Groups in a Conference

The Conference Manager allows you to define new groups and to specify the permissions for groups that have been assigned to the current conference.

To create a group or edit group permissions, open the Conference Manager, Groups page.

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In addition to user authentication, conference security depends on how you organize groups and how you specify permissions for those groups. For example, a conference could contain forums divided by product area and groups divided by role:

Each of these three groups needs to have different permissions settings since each group has an entirely different role in the conference.

To define group permissions:

  1. Open the Conference Manager and select the conference you want to edit.
  2. Click the Groups button.
  3. Select a group from the Assigned Groups list box, or enter a new group and click the Add New Group button.
  4. With the group name selected, click the Rights button.
  5. Select the permissions you want to enable for the current group.

A description of each permission option appears in the following table:

Group Permission Options



Create new threads

Members can create new threads.

Post replies

Members can post replies to existing messages.

Attach documents

Members can attach documents in messages they post.

Notification from marked threads

Members can receive email notification of messages posted to marked threads.

Notification from participated threads

Members can receive email notification of messages posted to threads in which they are participants.

Members of this group will be automatically approved

When user approval is required, members will be automatically approved.

Access all forums

All forums in the current conference are available to members.

Moderate all forums

Members can approve messages and users.

Search conference

Search facility is available to members. Enabling search for a group overrides a disabled search option on the Conference Manager, Options page.

Manage conference

Members can manage the current conference.

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