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Managing Groups

Groups in Forums are simply groups of users. In Forums, you can assign a wide range of permissions to an individual group. You can define groups based on job function, role, or affiliation. For example, you could define the following groups:

You can use group definitions to partition access to various Forums features, like file uploading or thread creation. For example, you could allow an internal user group to upload files in Forums messages, but disallow this feature for a public user group.

Coupled with user authentication, you can design very detailed access profiles by managing group permissions.

Summary of group management

You use the Group Manager to create and delete groups and to manage group membership. By default, Forums creates the group Everyone. Any additional groups you want can be added using the Group Manager. When you first create a group, no permissions are defined at all. You have to explicitly define which permissions you want for each group you create.

You use the Conference Manager to give groups access to specific conferences and to specify group permissions. New groups have no permissions enabled until you explicitly select the permissions you want the group to have.

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