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How Forums is Structured

Allaire Forums uses a four-tiered structure for on-line discussions. This design allows you to finely tune the organization of your conferences to suit specific conferencing goals. Within conferences, you can further narrow discussion topics allowing you to maintain focus within individual forums.

Forums components
Component Description
Conferences Defined by administrators, conferences relate to a broad topic, community, or business area.
Forums Defined by administrators, forums focus on individual topic areas such as a particular product or service.
Threads Can be created by end users to narrow discussion to a particular topic in a forum such as a product feature, problem, or comment.
Messages End users post messages in reply to existing messages, to create a new thread, or to add a new message to an existing thread.


To create two areas of discussion for your customers: one that focuses on product features and functionality; the other focusing on customer service issues you could create a single conference in which you define two separate forums. The following diagram illustrates how you might structure a Forums conference for this goal.

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