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About Conference Administration

You use the Allaire Forums Administrator to manage all aspects of a Forums installation, including conferences, forums, users, and groups.

You use the four manager wizards provided with Forums to manage the four major areas in Forums: conferences, forums, users, and groups. Each wizard leads you through the steps necessary to create, remove, edit, or customize all aspects of the Forums interface.

Forums Administrator Managers
Manager Description
Conference Use to manage all aspects of a conference, including associating forums and groups with a conference, customizing the user interface, and enabling various features like file attachments.
Forum Use to create or remove individual forums and to define forum settings, such as group and conference associations.
User Use to manage user records and to assign users to groups.
Group Use to create, manage, and remove groups, including assigning users to specific groups.

To access the Forums administrator open the following URL:


Where web_server_root is your web server's document root directory.

For detailed information about performing administrative functions, see the Allaire Forums Administrator’s Guide.


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