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Setting up your First Conference

To get started quickly with Forums, the best approach is to create a conference and a forum and start adding messages. This section takes you through the relatively simple process of creating a conference and adding forums to it. The process involves the following steps:

Once you have created a conference and forums you can start posting messages and creating threads.

Before starting

A couple of things need to be in place before jumping into Forums. First of course, Forums must be installed. For information about installing Forums, see Installing Forums. In addition, your web server must be running.

This series of exercises will take you through the steps to create a conference that contains two forums. Estimated completion time is 15 minutes.

To create a conference:

  1. Start the Forums Administrator by loading the following URL:

    Where web_server_root is the document root directory for your web server. You can create a browser bookmark or shortcut for this URL to make the Administrator more accessible.

  2. Click the Conference Manager button. The Conference Manager page appears. This page provides options for creating conferences and defining various conference options.
  3. Click the Create New button. By default, Forums is installed with a sample conference you can use to experiment with layout, permissions and so on. When you click Create New, the page that appears contains a form for defining a conference name, description, etc.
  4. For the purpose of this exercise, enter "CoffeeToGo" as the name of your new conference.

    Note: Conference names must not contain spaces.

  5. Enter a description for the conference and click Finish.

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