Welcome to Allaire Forums

Allaire Forums is a web-based threaded discussion application for Windows NT and Windows 95. Forums allows you to set up web conferences for people who need to share information about common projects, interests, or goals. The threaded discussion format provides an intuitive interface for end users and a easy administrative interface for managing and maintaining conferences. Administrators can install and set up a working conference in a matter of minutes.

With its customizable interface, you can tune Forums for your own organization, giving conference pages the exact look you need for your company, group, or interest. Conferences can use custom graphic objects or opt for frame-based display. Users can attach files to messages posted to a conference and have the option of embedding HTML directly in messages posted to a conference.

Forums is being used by all kinds of organizations to host discussions about projects, services, products, and common interests. It’s an ideal tool for any organization that needs to share information among members.