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This Hiring Inquiry service allows you to make anonymous and totally confidential inquiries of this employer unless you choose to provide your name and/or resume. When you submit an Inquiry, your background and experience and your Inquiry will be forwarded to the employer. Your Inquiry will be maintained as active for ninety days. You do not need to enter an Inquiry more than once in a ninety-day period.

Use the form below to send an Inquiry. All fields below, with the exception of the Name field, are mandatory. You may choose to attach a resume. Incomplete entries cannot be forwarded. See the end of the form for more detailed instructions.

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Make A Hiring Inquiry - all fields except first/last name required
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How it Works
This Hiring Inquiry service allows you to make anonymous and totally confidential inquiries of this employer.

Fill out the form in its entirety but only include your name in the name field if you do not wish to be anonymous. You may select as many areas of legal expertise as are relevant by holding down the control key and clicking with your mouse. Students should select areas of expertise in which you have an interest.

Your inquiry will be forwarded to the employer and held there in a searchable database of candidates. It will remain active in that employer's database for 90 days.

When your inquiry is forwarded to the employer, your return e-mail address is removed to protect your identity. Responses to your inquiry from the employer come to EmplawyerNet and we forward the message to you, assuring complete anonymity. When an employer responds to your inquiry, this system allows you to continue to correspond with the employer anonymously until you choose to disclose your identity.

If you do not wish to remain anonymous and want the employer to respond directly to you, include your name in the name field and indicate your e-mail address or other contact information in the text of your message. At no time will EmplawyerNet release the e-mail address of any candidate unless the candidate chooses to do so in the message field. This is a completely confidential service.

Please be aware that in accepting your inquiry, the employer does not guarantee that an interview or employment relationship will result or that the employer will respond to your inquiry. It does mean that your information is held in that employer's proprietary contact database for 90 days.

Sample Usage
The text area of the form is for your message to the employer. Please keep this message succinct and to the point. (Do not paste your resume into the message. If you wish to attach your resume, you may do so on the form.) An example: "I am a third year associate at a large Chicago law firm. I practice securities law with experience in 34 Act issues, insider trading issues and broker-dealer compliance. I graduated from NYU School of Law at the top of my class and am interested in your law firm. If my background fits your current needs, please tell me whom I may contact on a confidential basis to discuss this further."

Employer Responses
All messages sent using this form are moderated by the EmplawyerNet staff to ensure legitimacy. The employer can either contact you via the system's confidential email or via contact inforamation you provide in the body of your message. The employer makes the decision on the timing of any response.

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