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FROM THE JOB FRONT is EmplawyerNet's monthly newsletter covering the latest developments in the area of legal employment -- and a few other things. FROM THE JOB FRONT is published as a service of EmplawyerNet, the online interactive legal employment network.


Current Issue

January 2002: Big Firm Bonuses Back; San Francisco Firms Freeze, Cut Associate Salaries; Congress Raises Salaries for Some Attorneys; Plan Launched for Recruiting of Court Clerks

December 2001: Summer Associates Coming Up Cold; Grades Inflating; A Lawyer's Worst Nightmare; A Lawyer's Second Worst Nightmare

October 2001: Firms Try Online Interviews; Brobeck Offers Sabbaticals, Part-Time Schedules; Firms Focus on Performance in Making Cuts; Salaries Jump for Chief Legal Counsel

September 2001: Billable Hours v. Babies; Associate Salaries At A Standstill; Firms Stagger Start Dates for First-Years; British Salaries Still Lower But Catching Up

August 2001: Hot Practice Areas; Pro Bono Numbers In; Where Do Firm Revenues Go?; Law Firm Vendors Feeling the Pinch

July 2001: Dot Commers Coming Back to the Firm - If They Can; Bad Economy Good for Law School Admissions; Law Students Have Big Expectations; Legal Internet Sites Feeling the Pinch

June 2001: Client Backlash Against Associate Salaries; Law Firm Corners Being Smoothed Out; Is Part-Time Work a Real Option?; Study Finds Female Lawyers Earning Less Than Male Counterparts

May 2001: Lockstep May Be Stepping Out; Survey Measures Legal Staff Happiness; New Jersey Lawyers Try Telepracticing; US Attorneys Seek Overtime Pay

April 2001: The Perks of Working In-House; Associates Moonlight as TV Show Consultants; Lawyers More Likely to Seek New Employment; Are Associate Salary Wars Over?

February 2001: Corporate Legal Departments Feel the Impact of Higher Associate Salaries; Federal Judges Push for Pay Hike; Hiring Up at New Jersey Firms; Lock-Step Associate Pay Increases Reexamined

December 2000: Firm Benefits Cover Domestic Partners - and Pets; Slight Drop Occurs for Women Among Partnership Ranks; Pre Law Firm Education Counts for Paralegals; California PDs Subject to Malpractice Claims

November 2000: Summer Camp Turns to Boot Camp; Liberal Arts Picked as Best Major for Pre-Lawyers; Father Sued for Failing to Pay Daughter's Law School Tuition; The Government Becomes Revolving Door for Attorneys; Job Tips: Credentials Consciousness

September 2000: Largest Corporate Legal Departments; General Counsel Salaries Continue to Rise; Law Schools Edge Out Business Schools for Applicants; Demand and Benefits Escalate for Legal Support Staff

August 2000: Partnership Less of a Priority for Associates; Silicon Valley Firms Charging a Premium; Public Interest Lawyers Harder to Find; Interviewee Hall of Shame Candidates Announced; Job Tips: Think Quickly - Why Do You Want to Be a Lawyer?

JULY 2000: Firm Fines Clients for Stealing Lawyers; Judges' Financial Disclosure Forms Go Online; Technology Influencing Law School Curriculum; California Legislation Defines "Paralegal"; Job Tips: On-Campus Resources

June 2000: EmplawyerNet Releases Quarterly Job Report; IPO in a Box; Greedy Associates Challenged by Generous Associates; Paralegals Outscore Lawyers in Job Satisfaction; Job Tips: Legal Recruiters

May 2000: Summer Associate Salaries Also Rising; Perks of the Profession; New Jersey Partnership Track Full of Roadblocks; Rainmakers Open Umbrellas

March 2000: Clients Starting to See Impact of Associate Salary Wars; Firms Replacing Billables With Equity; Court Says 20 Hour Days are Part of the Job for Attorneys; ABA Still Deciding on Multidisciplinary Practices; Job Tips: Judicial Clerkships

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