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January 19, 2018

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For as low as $14.95 a month for lawyers or $7.95 a month for law students (even less with discounts), sign-up as a Premier member, EmplawyerNet's core service, utilized by tens of thousands of lawyers and law students. Semi-Annual and Annual Memberships are also available.

Consider EmplawyerNet Premier Membership as your career valet, bringing you fresh and relevant job information every day. And we give employers access to our candidates so you will be seen by employers of every description. At pennies a day, you owe it to your career.


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  • Each day, targeted and relevant jobs openings, matching your requirements and career profile will be delivered discretely to you via e-mail.
  • You get 24/7/365 access to over 5,000 legal jobs online, anytime.

Candidates DIRECT

  • All legal employers of every description and in every location will have completely free access to your resume and profile.
  • Confidentiality tools protect your identity so you know interested employers before they know who you are.

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Please charge the card below $62.50 one time for my first six months of premier membership. Appropriate discounts for Participating Schools and Organizations will be reflected in the final billing.

Please charge the card below $125 one time for twelve months of premier membership. Appropriate discounts for Participating Schools and Organizations will be reflected in the final billing.

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If you have a Promotional Code enter it here and select "Monthly" above. Your card will be charged according to the terms of the Promotion. Questions regarding the Promotion and its terms can be sent to membership@emplawyernet.com. Check with your law school or bar Association to see if they have a Promotional Code available for their members.

Please provide information about the credit card to which you wish to charge your monthly membership dues. If you prefer, you may send us this information via e-mail at membership@emplawyernet.com, or phone us at (800) 270-2688.

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To cancel your membership contact customer service at 1-800-270-2688 or email your request to membership@emplawyernet.com

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