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Putting EmplawyerNet to Work for Your Students

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After the challenges of mastering legal principles and passing the bar exam, a law studentís next big challenge is finding a job. Fortunately, EmplawyerNet makes that task much easier and affordable.

At our Web site your students will find thousands of positions at law firms, corporations, public interest groups and governmental agencies. Plus, there are summer associate positions that are invaluable for first and second-year students. You can even use our service to put your jobs online for your students and alumni (and no one else) 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

We've also included a personal profile feature that makes EmplawyerNet especially powerful and easy to use. All a student needs to do is indicate what type of job he or she is looking for. Job listings that meet those personal criteria will then be sent automatically via email right to the individual candidate. Your students don't have to search a database every day; the jobs find them!

Individual Premier Membership in EmplawyerNet for law students costs $7.95 per month. The monthly rate for lawyers is $14.95.

But, for law schools that renew as a Participating School, or become a new Participating school, we'll guarantee that the cost to their students will be just $5.95 per month. And, your alumni attorneys will be offered the discounted rate of $11.25 per month.

If you chose this package, there is no cost to your school. We simply ask that Participating Schools promote EmplawyerNet membership benefits --- and the discount you have secured for your students and alumni --- in your career services office. Click the link at the top of this page to download a flyer for your office.

Bulk Memberships

We also offer bulk memberships to law schools that would like to provide a membership in EmplawyerNet to select students or alumni. This is an excellent way to provide an additional job hunting tool to students who are having difficulty finding the right job, or to alumni who return to the career services office seeking career assistance. For as little as $2 a month you can provide membership for either a three or six month period. Bulk memberships can be purchased in lots as small as twenty-five. Distribute them as you have need and the membership period starts when the distributed membership is first used by the student or alumni. Click here for a price sheet or feel free to contact us at membership@emplawyernet.com and we'll give you a call promptly.

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