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  Note: EmplawyerNet's new service for recruiters is currently under development.

The Recruiter Connect database is designed to be a centralized source of information for high-quality candidates looking for the right position - and the right recruiter - to make their next career move. It is intended to leverage our high level of traffic to create a standard resource for recruiters and the legal community. It will:

  • Carry individual position listings from recruiters looking for associates, partners, paralegals and support staff
  • Link directly from EmplawyerNet's home page
  • Be accessible by any job seeker, at no charge, even if they're not a member of EmplawyerNet
  • Be searchable by expertise, experience level and geography
  • Have candidates reply directly to you
EmplawyerNet is the most trafficked legal career specific site on the Internet.
  • We've been on-line since 1992
  • Ours was the first legal career site to launch on the Web in 1996
  • We have over 70,000 registered members
  • Over 200,000 visitors come to our homepage every month.

And our traffic is growing. Because we do nothing but provide legal job and career information (no legal research or legal news), all of that traffic is highly relevant to you and your business. You may have a website where you post positions but we're pretty sure your traffic is a fraction of EmplawyerNet's, so make sure your jobs get seen and your placements get made.

Over the next several months we'll be releasing new filtering tools to help you manage responses. And, you'll be able to leverage our neutral position as a go-between to help attract higher profile candidates to your company. You see, unlike other legal job sites, we don't run a recruiting firm on the side so we can concentrate on making you more successful by making more and better placements at a fraction of your current costs. We don't make placements and we don't look for split fees.

To be part of this exciting new recruiting tool, contact us today at 800-270-2688 or email us at membership@emplawyernet.com. Special charter member pricing applies.