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This is the EmplawyerNet database of legal recruiters.

Legal Recruiters (also known as headhunters) can be a valuable part of your job search. In addition to having a list of clients for whom they recruit lateral talent, they can be excellent sources of current market conditions in various regions, salary trends, significant recent hiring events (mergers, layoffs, etc.), as well as general career advice for steering the tricky waters of today's legal profession.

One caution: recruiters are restricted by their clients as to who they can refer for an employment opportunity. That generally means that the hiring criteria, particularly academic and/or portable business specifics, are vitally important. As a result, recruiters will not work with everyone and some may not return your phone call or respond to your resume. Also, recruiters work exclusively on lateral assignments, which means that law students seeking entry-level positions are unlikely to get a response. That being said, if you have qualifications that meet the recruiter's needs, they can be extremely useful.

Recruiters: to find out how to make your firm and your job listings more visible, please send an inquiry to willsea@emplawyernet.com.

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