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Employment Connections.
Find the Candidates. Lose the Placement Fees.

Law firm recruiting is intense, complex, time-consuming and expensive. Your hiring needs change quickly-from total inactivity to dire needs overnight. You're expected to know where the best candidates are, even if they are scarce, because if you don't have the right candidate at hand, you turn to a headhunter and pay twenty, thirty or forty thousand dollars. Ouch.

Our Employment Connections greatly lessens that risk by creating and maintaining a dynamic database of candidates proprietary to your firm. Think of it as an ever-growing pool of legal talent, specifically interested in your firm, that you turn to when the need arises. And though not every candidate in that pool may meet your hiring standards, we handle that part as well.

Here's how it works.

  • First, a Recruitment Information Site, built at EmplawyerNet, informs potential candidates of the merits of your firm. It's tremendous exposure. We are the most heavily trafficked legal recruiting site on the Internet. As a member benefit of the American Bar Association, the New York State Bar and the Los Angeles County Bar, among others, more lawyers turn to us for career information. And it's not just our 65,000 lawyer members or all the law students at over 110 member law schools --- any member of the legal community can visit your recruitment site.
  • Second, when candidates are interested in your firm, they fill out an inquiry form, attach their resume and send it. We store it in a database only you can access. Simple. Easy. You can search the database when you want, or we'll work with you to make sure you see the top candidates immediately.
  • Third, you probably have a recruiting page at your own website. Add a simple link there and the additional inquiries you generate are also added to the database. Now your website and EmplawyerNet are working together to build a dynamic personnel resource-with no programming required from your IS department.
  • Finally, all Employment Connections members can post unlimited jobs into the EmplawyerNet jobs database, the largest and most accessed legal job database anywhere. Add a link to those job postings and-you guessed it-it's all captured in your proprietary database for reference at your convenience.

Why start every search from scratch? Why pay a recruiter to search his or her database for talent when you can effortlessly build your own? Make recruiting simple and sensible.

The pricing is simple too. You pay only:

  • a one-time set-up fee of $500 (waived for annual contracts)
  • a low monthly hosting and site management fee of $500, with discounts for longer terms.

This is an incredible value, saving your firm potentially thousands of dollars in recruiting fees. To learn more about Employment Connections or to get started today, send us an email.

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